8 IK ('eek) AUGUST 4, 2005

Keyword: Inspiration

The breath of my spirit.....

Teresa: Only a few days after we completed or "Light Body Activation" painting, the New Moon was upon us. A very busy summer schedule squeezed us into a limited time for our New Moon painting ritual. It was necessary to attend to our regular Friday market the following day for livelihood, so, bearing that in mind, we ascended the road to the Roundhouse on the eve of the New Moon day with fruit, flowers and painting paraphernalia in hand. We slept on the floor of the Roundhouse with a canopy of stars overhead, inviting visions from dreamtime.

We woke to a brilliant sunny morning.

This was the first time we had painted together in the Roundhouse, and I felt an overwhelming urge to clear the space before we actual got started. Dwayne agreed, and we removed many of his sacred objects from the main altar. Each object was lovingly considered, and those deemed capable of withstanding the elements, were moved to a place on the ground outside the East door, later to be placed on various chakra altars on the land. Other sacred objects were placed carefully into storage in a lidded basket. Some were moved to other locations within the room. "A whole lotta medicine got moved", and it was very refreshing.

By noon we had primed the board, outside on a stump by the firepit, and we descended the trail back to Dwayne's other house to have some protein and a nap. Because we felt some fatigue from our early rising and housecleaning, we decided to allow ourselves some nurturance, recognizing that we could not invite Vision if our bodies were compromised. After food and a power snooze we returned to the Roundhouse and the task at hand.

Dwayne: We regularly work with divination during our painting sessions, using various oracles. In the Roundhouse, I often do a reading for myself involving four separate decks so I suggested we do the same for ourselves as a unit. The four decks we used are:

Physical Body: Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams

Emotional Body: Power of Flowers by Isha Lerner

Mental Body: The Secret Dakini Oracle by Nik Douglas and Penny Slinger

Spiritual Body: The Book of Thoth Tarot Deck & Tarot Handbook by Angeles Arrien's

Teresa: From the Medicine Cards, Otter encouraged us to embrace female energy with a natural, compassionate and playful joy.

The Power of Flower Cards gave us Datura and spoke of integrating the courage of a male shaman into a unified being.

Our Dakini Oracle card was "Like a Bubble". The Dakini told us to pay particular attention to worldly phenomena as spirit-indicators.

The Tarot reading gave us the 8 of Cups: Indolence and counseled us to guard against over-extending ourselves.

This reading, like all our previous ones, truly showed up in our process. When we picked up our primed painting board from the stump on which it was drying, large carpenter ants who had set up a colony in the stump, had surfaced in alarm underneath it, transporting eggs in panic. In that moment, we were reminded that the Sun had brought the world into a peak of creative activity for all beings concerned. The worker ants were acting in true "female" behavior, risking everything for the eggs. And warriors, all!

The name for this month's Mayan glyph is Ik, which means "wind". Knowing this, I had pictured a huge southeaster blowing in, but the wind we celebrated was the sweetest kind: a gentle, but persistent, cooling breeze. It brought us welcome relief on one of the hottest days of the summer. In its beneficence we were more deeply drawn into our co-creation, and we were moved by the Unseen to bring forth a magical mythical being! He arrived in a primal geometric form and then morphed into someone both wise and playful, tricky but caring, active but passive, obvious but subtle, natural, but supernatural. He/she integrated these polarities beautifully, humorously, and joyously, bravely. We rejoiced in the creation of His Holiness Ik, the Eighth!

Dwayne: We have entered the eighth Moon of the current lunar year. In Mayan sacred numerology, number eight refers to harmonic resonance which corresponds to the ancient astrological adage: As above, so below. When we come into resonance with something, we are vibrationally attuned to its essence. we are thereby empowered to replicate it in whatever sphere of existence we inhabit.

Resonance is made possible through activation of the octave principle at the core of The Lightning Path. It is our ability to resonate which gives us our capacity to be inspired.


I often tune into a couple of astrologer friends over at StarIQ.com They send out a New Moon newsletter and here is what they had to say about the current New Moon:

New Moon in Leo
Thursday, August 4, 8:05 pm PDT

Retrograde Mercury and an opposition from Neptune make this an especially imaginative Leo New Moon. A flood of fresh ideas and creative insights carry thoughts far beyond the bounds of reason. Bringing them down to earth is a delicate task, like capturing a wild bird without killing its spirit. Some must fly free to keep our minds open to further inspiration, so avoid subjecting every word to the dampening effects of logic or analysis.



His Holiness IK the Eighth

(click for larger image)

The Lightning Path : 8 IK

Acrylic on masonite 18 x 24 in.

Dwayne Rourke & Teresa Wild 2005