ONE MEN: (JAN. 10, 2005)

Keyword: Commitment.

I believe in myself.

Teresa: We start the journey, trusting the vision and our innate Godhood. It was snowing out on the night of ONE MEN New Moon. This was our second tantric painting, having done the first on the Gregorian calendar New Year. That encounter precipitated A New Year's Vision.

Primordial One: Dec.31, 2004

I had quite an inner struggle around releasing myself from preconceptions because our first encounter had been such a success. I wanted to "bring it in new" but everything I visualized looked trite and contrived. At one point I threw myself on the floor in anguish, claiming "I can't do this!" Of course, afterwards I realized the line in the Invocation of Sovereignty for this Moon was "I Believe In Myself". My experience of the shadow actually pushed me forward into self-empowerment. I just let go with a huge breath, and everything flowed from that time on.

It was soon after that the eagle came through Dwayne's brush, and then the snowflakes appeared for both of us. Representing the Planet Mind, the tree is a sovereign spirit as it stands in the snowy night.

The Lightning Path : 1 MEN

Acrylic on masonite 18 x 24 in.

Dwayne Rourke & Teresa Wild 2005