2 MULUC, Full Moon, March 14, 2006

Keyword: Galactic Goddess

In communication with the Divine.

Galactic Goddess

Acrylic on masonite. 24" x 48"

Commissioned work.

Dwayne Edward Rourke & Teresa Wild 2006


DWAYNE: Around the time of the New Moon, my old friend Tracy Grams had a very powerful dream in which she saw the Milky Way galaxy as a goddess. Tracy felt stupendous galactic waves of energy pouring through her own body and awoke feeling completely transformed by the encounter.

Recalling that I had many years ago been alerting people to the significance of Galactic Center in Mayan cosmology, she contacted me with a desire to have the Galactic Goddess she witnessed in her dream brought into form as a painting.

Terry and I worked with her via telephone and email over the next week, sharing ideas and sketches with it in mind that we would create the painting in attunement with the Full Moon. This is exactly what we did and it was very fulfilling for us to be able to work in such close collaboration with Tracy, truly a new threshold of fulfillment for our painting journey on The Lightning Path. It is a threshold that is synchronous to the first arrival of planet Pluto at the zodiacal position of Galactic Center in late Sagittarius. This happens only every 250 years and since Pluto was only discovered in 1930, the current passage is first for humanity!

TERRY: The overall composition of the painting is based on the Mayan hieroglyph MULUC which evokes a cosmic gateway. We are swimming in the warm, bubbling, healing waters of our home planet, gazing up a stairway of seven steps. Above us and through the arched passage the Galactic Goddess calls us to walk a sevenfold path of initiation. She reveals herself through a veil of brilliant light. We glimpse the center of her being where stars are born. We recognize her as the Source of all life; from the generation of stars, to the dispensation of life giving waters.