7 IMIX (ee meesh"). NEW MOON, JULY 6, 2005

Keyword: Nurturance

I channel the nurturance and support

of the Primordial Mother.

Dwayne : With this New Moon we reach the top of the pyramid of time that is the Temple of Birth. Significantly, this Moon begins the final series of 20 Moons that will bring us to the end of the first Uranian season on The Lightning Path. That season began February 9,1986 and will end on February 17, 2007. It is the "beginning of the end of the beginning."

The 7th Moon of any lunar year is especially significant because it brings in the magic and mystery of number seven. This generally precipitates changes and adjustments in our lives over which we have very little control. Seventh Moons are especially good times to be in retreat, to do inner work and to purify oneself. This is what is required of us if we wish to make good use of our time to open our Crown chakras, seat of all-encompassing awareness and bliss.

Terry and I often read to each other during our painting sessions together. In this session we were inspired by the words of visionary artist Peter Rogers who states in his book A Painter's Quest: Art As a Way of Revelation:

Art is a definite way of knowledge.

Together with science, religion, and philosophy, art is one of the four ways of the spiritual life of humanity. The knowledge to be acquired is spiritual knowledge. In other words, properly understood, art is a means to enlightenment.

As the hieroglyph most representative of the primordial Great Mother, IMIX appears now to nurture and support us on this grand quest for knowledge and enlightenment.


Teresa : Within a ground of light purple Dwayne boldly brought forward a brilliant red female figure, a goddess squatting firmly in her sovereignty. This original form generated the rest of the painting, as the primordial Mother manifested herself through our paintbrushes.

She came easily, joyfully, and surely, She suggested lineage, reminding us of her immensity and pervasiveness. She reminded us that we share her, as the Source, with all things, and that her support is divine and unconditional.



The tree of life grows from her energy, drawing the water from the primordial depths and radiating life through its branches and leaves.




The Sun on one side, the Moon and night on the other indicates that she rules time; the days, Moons, and seasons. She is the source of life, its continuation, and its decay. This painting was a celebration of Gaia and her beneficence. We were nurtured in its manifestation.

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The Lightning Path : 7 IMIX

Acrylic on masonite 18 x 24 in.

Dwayne Rourke & Teresa Wild 2005