As part of the Temple of the Feathered Serpent event, I will be installing a very special rocking chair in a portion of the gallery assigned to what is known as the Temple of Thunder. The chair is being made available to two very special groups of island residents: elders and poets.

The vision is that poetry readings and/or eldertalks will be delivered from the chair, to intimate audiences gathered together in the Old Schoolhouse. My strategic intention is to film these presentations and make them available to both the larger community, and to future generations. Volunteers are needed to make this happen. Anyone wishing to participate in this project directly, or who has suggestions, is invited to contact me at 935 0091 or by email: Thank you.



Dwayne Edward Rourke

Temple of Thunder

P.S. I am pleased to announce that elder Kathleen Boas Temple of Thunder and poet Ann Mortifee Temple of Death have already agreed to kick things off. Please return to this site for a full schedule of events.