July 25, 1987 to August 24, 1987

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Unity with responsibility. Compromise according to your responsibility to others. Considering the feelings of family members. Routine encounters of the day. Accounting for food, shelter and physical needs. Timing and scheduling matters. Taking on large projects. Immediacy. Movement in a sharp and quick manner. Focusing on necessary work to be done. Projecting clear messages. Vision inspiring the mind toward deeper thought. Impediments. Problems with rhythm. Spills.


Love, storm, peace, beauty, emotion, feelings, cleansing, telepathy, sensitivity, light body, purification, thunder beings, transformation, renewed energy, ecstatic freedom, impressionability, keys to all worlds.


Harmonic Convergence was an Earth-centered ceremonial event simultaneously conducted by self-empowered people all over the planet at sunrise on the morning of August 16, 1987. The event unfolded dramatically as a continuous wave of “Earth renewal rites” with representation from every race and from a vast array of spiritual and religious traditions. People performed these rites at sacred sites as diverse as Ayer’s Rock, Mt.Shasta, Jericho Beach, Stonehenge, Teotihuacan, Giza, and Macchu Pichu. United in a single act of spiritual intent and without government support of any kind, this relatively small group of self-empowered individuals created a compelling experience of Earth Community that seeded the mind of humanity with a new collective dream of peace and harmony throughout the planet: The Dream of Harmonic Convergence.

Harmonic Convergence signaled the early emergence of the global civil society described by David Korten in his book (2006) titled The Great Turning : From Empire to Earth Community. The book lucidly describes the epic choice needed to be taken by all who wish to further the Dream of Harmonic Convergence:

Empire and Earth Community are generic terms for two models of organizing human relationships at all levels of society, from relationships among nations to relations among family and work-group members. Empire orders relationships into dominator hierarchies that monopolize power in the hands of elites to expropriate the life energy, and thereby suppress the creative potential, of the rest. Earth Community orders relationships by partnership networks that distribute power equitably to nurture the well-being and creative potential of each individual and the whole of the community. Each model is within our means, and ultimately it is ours to choose between them. (p.39)

18233759_125x125The Dream of Harmonic Convergence rests on a foundation of ancient spiritual knowledge that includes, but is not limited to, Mayan cosmology. Independent Mayan researcher Tony Shearer initially determined the date of the event and saw it as an especially profound and prophetic moment in the contemporary manifestation of the Mesoamerican mythological figure of Feathered Serpent, redeeming archetype of universal spiritual liberation. Shearer conveyed the significance of the date to visionary artist and art historian Jose’ Arguelles who consequently found that it aligned with prophecies from a host of spiritual traditions from around the world.

According to Arguelles, the Harmonic Convergence event signaled a precise, species-wide entry-point into the final twenty-five years of a 5125-year process of global, cultural evolution mapped by the Mayan Sacred Calendar and ending at Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012. Under the Banner of Peace designed by Nicholas Roerich, he and his wife Lloydine worked ceaselessly for several years to solicit public engagement in manifesting the event and they were profoundly successful. Harmonic Convergence drew together literally hundreds of thousands of people in what was undoubtedly the largest globally synchronized sacred sites ceremonial event of all time.


Banner of Peace

Harmonic Convergence stands as a profound moment of closure to an astronomical cycle closely watched by astrologers to track cultural transformation. I refer specifically, to the cycle of relationship linking Saturn and Uranus which began in May 1942 during the height of the disharmony and chaos of World War II. Harmonic Convergence occurred during the last stages of that cycle when, metaphorically, the seed essence of the cycle formed. It is this seed essence which continues to this day to empower those who are intent on manifesting the Dream of Harmonic Convergence.

By tracking the unfoldment of the current Saturn/Uranus cycle which began with a conjunction less than a year after Harmonic Convergence, we are able to view objectively, the ongoing process of manifestion of the Dream of Harmonic Convergence. Elsewhere on this site, I show the results of my own tracking efforts in this regard.


Harmonic Convergence, Aug.16, 1987. Sunrise at Medicine Wheel. Stoney Indian Reserve.


Harmonic Convergence, Aug.16, 1987. Sunrise at Medicine Wheel. Stoney Indian Reserve.

Harmonic Convergence, Aug.16, 1987. High Noon at Olympic Plaza, Calgary.

starTony Shearer: The Mythmaker (below) Recording of a talk by Tony Shearer given on August 16, 1987. Shearer was the originator of the Harmonic Convergence date.)

star HARMONIC CONVERGENCE here on Lightning Path



ArguellesROUND"Once we understand that we are working with a harmonic matrix, then we can begin to take other symbolic constructs and place them within the ongoing synchronic order -- the time sequences: the four day, the seven-day, the thirteen-day, the twenty-day, the twenty-eight-day, the fifty-two-day, the four quarters, etc. All systems are contained within these cycles."

Jose Arguelles - Cosmic History Chronicles IV

Note that the Dreamspell Count is based on a 28 day Moon cycle whereas The Lightning Path is based on the 29.5 day synodic cycle of the Moon.

July 26, 1987: WIZARD'S COUNT correlation date used by Jose Arguelles' to (as he puts it) "establish synchronic order as manifestation of the Law of Time in order to transit from 12:60 technosphere to 13:20 noosphere, based on prophetically modified year-bearer count of the Chilam Balam tradition; correlated by the DREAMSPELL to July 26, 1987, White Galactic Wizard." ( Source: Time and the Technosphere).